Fife July 2010

Photographs taken in Fife East coast of Scotland July 2010 in and around the Largo, Elie and St Andrews area. Fife is rich in wildlife, birds, flowers and traditional cottage architecture.

artwork fife.JPG

beach at crusoe hotel.JPG

beach elie fife.JPG

beach lower largo.JPG

beachcombers fife.JPG

boat firth of forth fife.JPG

clouds east fife.JPG

cottages boats fife.JPG

courtyard castaway cottage fife.JPG

crusoe hotel largo.JPG

east fife boat.JPG

elie beach fife.JPG

elie cottages fife.JPG

elie flowers fife.JPG

fife architecture.JPG

fife coast.JPG

fife cruiser.JPG

fife evening water.JPG

fife lillies.JPG

fife roof tiles.JPG

fife roof.JPG

fife seabirds.JPG

firth of forth fife.JPG

garden elie fife.JPG

going sailing fife.JPG

katherine fishing boat fife.JPG

largo bay fife.JPG

Largo beach.JPG

largo bridge fife.JPG

largo fishing boat.JPG

largo harbour.JPG

largo sailing club.JPG

largo stue.JPG

lobster creel fife.JPG

lobster fisherman fife.JPG

lower largo fife.JPG

railway arch largo fife.JPG

railway sleepers fife.JPG

rowing boat fife.JPG

rowing in the firth of forth.JPG

seawall fife.JPG




slipway ro firth.JPG

st andrews beach.JPG

st andrews.JPG

sunny fife beach.JPG

totem largo.JPG

view from Castaway cottage fife.JPG

water and sky fife.JPG

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