Holiday Cottage Fife January 2008

Holiday Cottage Fife photographs taken by a Guest a Castaway Cottages in January 2008. The beaches of Fife are great for walks in both summer and winter and link up with the Fife Coastal Path which covers the Est Neuk Villages. We relaxed at night with a friendly drink in the Railway Inn, Lower Largo.

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Holiday Cottage Fife Castaway Cottage

Holiday Cottage Fife driftwood

Holiday Cottage Fife East Fife-sunset

Holiday Cottage Fife-Fife beach

Holiday cottage fife-firth of forth

Holiday cottage fife-footprints in the sand

Holiday cottage fife-largo law

Holiday cottage fife-largo-bay beach

Holiday cottage fife-largo harbour

Holiday cottage fife-largo sunset

Holiday-cottage-fife-lower largo

Holiday cottage fife-railway inn largo

Holiday cottage fife-sunset over Firth

Holiday cottage fife-viaduct in Village

Holiday cottage fife-winter beach

Holiday cottage fife-tanker at dusk

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